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Science and Religion Resources
The WesleyNexus website is designed to provide resources
to individuals and groups who are interested in science and
share the heritage of John Wesley as part of their faith
tradition.  The goal is to build an understanding of how
science, religion, and theology can better inform one
another among persons in a growing online community.

Visitors to the WesleyNexus website are encouraged to
download resources for their own needs in addressing
issues in the dialogue between science and religion.  
Feedback from participants regarding any resource will
always be welcomed and appreciated.  WesleyNexus is
committed to developing dialogue among those who choose
to participate, following general rules of courtesy that one
expects to encounter in a face-to-face open discussion.

To that end, we encourage visitors to the website to register
with their email address to allow us to communicate through
an occasional newsletter and important notices.

Science and Religion Discussions
Through all of its online activities, WesleyNexus endeavors
to broaden a growing dialogue among thoughtful persons of  
faith who take science seriously.  We believe this will result
in a rich and diverse conversation encouraging growth and a
deep respect from and for all persons with differing views on
many matters both simple and complex.  There will not be a
doctrinal or theological litmus test imposed on any
“Science without Religion is Lame,
Religion without Science is Blind.”
Our Mission
WesleyNexus was created in 2009 as a nonprofit
organization dedicated to the dissemination of sound
information about the dialogue between science and religion
within the Wesleyan tradition in the 21st century.

WesleyNexus emerged from the dialogue among a core
group of dedicated clergy, academics, and lay persons in
greater Washington, D.C.  This group now seeks to support
others who share the conviction that science, religion, and
theology should not be mutually exclusive.  Instead, each
field should inform the other on a whole array of
contemporary issues.  As Albert Einstein stated (“Science
and Religion” Symposium, 1941, p. 46),
Email:  wesleynexus@aol.com
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William Cleary is a writer,
composer, filmmaker
and poet who lives in
Burlington, Vermont and
is the author of prayers and
poems reflecting a deep
appreciation for our evolution shaped world.  
Samples of his work can be found
E. Maynard Moore
responds to
BW Annual Conference
Resolution in
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Braddock Street UMC June 23, 2013
“God’s Creation”
Walter Shropshire, Jr
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Lake Lowell, ID, 2013
Picture by Thomas Oord

Program Website
Program Flyer
Evolution Weekend 2014
Streaming Video
Click Here
WESLEYNEXUS sponsored an overnight discussion
event at West River Center
September 19-20, 2014 (Friday night till 4:00 pm

See the recent newsletter for a summary of the
Science, Story, Scripture:
Living Together with Understanding
Web Video
Evolution Weekend
Feb., 2015
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Event Page Here
Pope Francis
the Encyclical Laudato Si'
Models of the God World
by J Turri
<<< Video is now available
Evolution Weekend, 2016: Technology and Biomedical Ethics

A theologian,
With a camera,
Exploring nature,
In Chicago.
On Evolution From
In this issue:
Love Came Down At Christmas by Christina Rossetti

Advent Despair by Debra Dean Murphy

Love in Light of religion, science and philosophy By Tom Oord

Science & Religion events at SBL/AAR, San Antonio, November 19-22, 2016

Event: Biomedical Ethics: Just Because We Can do it, Should We? by Dr. Ted Peters

IRAS Summer Conference and Winter Meeting at AAAS

Divine Action: Naturalism and Incarnation by Christopher Knight

David Bentley Hart and Rowan Williams: The Cold Heart of Secularism vs. The
Warmth and Love of Christmas

Elaine Ecklund on Science and Religion Conflict.

Reminders: WesleyNexus again sponsors Evolution Weekend Maryland in 2017
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Ted Peters' Biography
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January 15, 2017
Reisterstown United Methodist
January 22, 2017
Hood College
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Click here for Hood College Map

Whitaker Campus Center
401 Rosemont Ave.
Frederick, MD  21701
Evolution Weekend, 2017
Are Our Children At Risk?
Food Insecurity, Climate Change, and Racial Bias
February 12 @ 3:00 PM
11711 East Market Place, Fulton, Maryland 20759

To register, click
<< Click here for live video.
This will be active the weekend

of February 12.  Currently links to a
portion of the 2016 program.